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Looking for the perfect world map to hang on your vacant wall? The new Etsy store, Canvas Manufacturer Co, offers a great variety of large world maps canvas -panel wall fine art to beautify your wall whether it's for your home or your office? From retro to modern to political world map, all available in a single store.

Classic Political Map generally speaking features detailed print of all national countries, capitals and oceans. From different colours that you will be choosing apart, each one of the politics maps is special with difference fine details indeed. Let's explore a few of the hot selling classic political world maps available in this hot new Store!

1. Antique Political World Map #1 with Elevation Tints
This is one of the very most basic maps with range of elevation tints. From couture lines high from the mountains to as low as the depth lines under the oceans, it is the modest classic design for each and every working office wall.
Click here to buy: Classis World Map #1 on Etsy Store

2. Basic Political World Map #2 with Oceanic Bathymetry Contour Lines
This map features most of the administrative centre and major places names, exhibiting longitude and latitude lines and features the contour depth lines within the oceans, giving you a beautiful blue mixtures of build that would capture anyone's eyes!
Just click here to buy: Classis World Map #2 on Etsy Store

3. Antique Political World Map #3 with Colourful Countries
This map highlights the countries in several colors. It shows names of major countries, capitals, oceans, lakes and seas. While using mute tone of the oceans, one may easily focus on the many countries with no much distractions from the oceans.
Just click here to buy: Classis World Map #3 on Etsy Store

4. Basic Political World Map #4 with Retro Tone

If you're searching for a retro however, not grunge type of traditional world map, this is actually the one! The tone is vintage yet details are clear. Ideal for office or study room decor!
Just click here to buy: Classis World Map #4 on Etsy Store

5. Basic Political World Map #5 with Latitudes and Longitudes
This is actually the classic map that could never increase out of time! That is one particular world maps that every one would have seen before on any world atlas. Great map for world holidaymakers to force pin where you have gone to throughout the global world!
Click here to buy: Classis World Map #5 on Etsy Store

About Shop:
Canvas Factory Co specialised in producing top notch multi-panel wall skill. Throughout the years, they have got produced stunning handmade canvas for local and international customers and supply to professional photographers. All of the high quality canvas designs are extended on the 1.4" / 3.5cm solid wood framework that would save you extra cost on finding outer frame for each of the canvases. The full total panel sizes begin from 48" to 96" / 120cm to 240cm wide. With this flexibility in sizes allows every customer to find the right size world map to suit the wall membrane easily.

All global world maps wall art work are made-by-order within 3 days and nights! Ship internationally with Priority Express Service. Click here and get yours today!

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